An introduction to the analysis of fission or fusion and nuclear energy

Several types of neutron detectors exist which can record the rate at which neutrons are produced during fusion reactions. That said, the effect does exist, and would be a consequence of orbital nuclear weapon use. Only one other fusion fuel is easier to ignite - a mixture of deuterium and tritium reaction 1.

On 3 September North Korea carried out what it reported as its first "two-stage thermo-nuclear weapon" test. But if it is further away than about a kilometer, it won't do much more than singe the paint job and blind a few sensors. Eric Henry has a spreadsheet that does nuclear blast calculations, including shaped charges, on his website.

Given their long range and potential firepower it seems likely that any space force will have some in its ranks, and that they will form an important part of tactical doctrine. The warhead proper will probably be a neutron bomb: But the bomb itself still weighed 4, kg, making its yield-to-weight ratio a mere 0.

The pinch community refers to it as magnetized liner Inertial fusion while the ICF community refers to it as magneto-inertial fusion. Named Chicago Pile No. One of the most important problems nuclear engineers are currently working on solving is how to produce sustainable, renewable energy from non-fossil-fuel sources.

So we can see, without really knowing much about the US had in mind, that it was planning something very, very different from what the Soviets set off.

As such, high-yield clean bombs appear to have been of little value from a military standpoint. I'll also cover the worldbuilding needed to justify each option in your 'Verse.

A fission bomb at one end would shock-compress and heat the near end, and fusion would propagate through the canister to the far end. A weapon firing in a fixed forward arc, parallel to the direction of thrust, with limited elevation or traverse, and typically running through a significant portion of the spacecraft's length.

Every one of those dates from afterand probably involves the real breakthroughs in warhead design that were first used with the Operation Dominic test series They still obey the inverse square law, and are not likely to be effective against mass objects such as spacecraft beyond a few kilometers, depending on the yield of the device.

Implosion-type weapon[ edit ] For both the Trinity device and the Fat Manthe Nagasaki bomb, nearly identical plutonium fission through implosion designs were used.

But if the nuke goes off one meter from your ship, your ship will probably be vaporized. One thing you might not see, particularly if things remain the way they are right now, is oil.

The approach would fail if it can be made to work at all when the reduced alpha value allows the primary to disassemble before initiating the boosting process.

A monstrously huge weapon, with a fixed forward facing. By the time a low pressure shock created by an early stage of fission has propagated a substantial distance a few millimeters, say the intense shock from the final stages of fission will have caught up with it.

As it disintegrates the pellet is bathed in a more uniform x-ray light, creating better compression. A potential is applied to it, giving it a positive or negative voltage against the surrounding plasma. A civilian ship is likely to be somewhat less hardened then a military vessel, and the boarding ship can get very close without getting shot to pieces by the target.

Other types of laser work differently. Limited traverse and elevation impose a greater need for manoeuvrability on the spacecraft, and run the risk that at close range or high traverse speed a more manoeuvrable target could stay out of the fire arc entirely.

The cold fusion horizon

Since c, the speed of light, is very large the rate of transport tends to be extremely fast. Very similar to a field reversed configuration, a semi-stable plasma structure made by using the plasmas' own self-generated magnetic field.

The velocity of the release wave front is given by: As of April an estimated experimental tokamaks were either planned, decommissioned or currently operating 35 worldwide.I woke up this morning afire with ideas.

Happens sometimes. Some of these I will be implementing, but the best ideas involve community, how to create and strengthen community, and, in particular, the LENR community, and especially the young, with life and career ahead of them. Neutron Transport and Nuclear Burnup Analysis for the Laser Inertial Confinement Fusion-Fission Energy (LIFE) Engine Kevin J.

Kramer1,2, Jeffery F. Latkowski1, Ryan P. Abbott1, I. INTRODUCTION The Laser Inertial Confinement Fusion-Fission Engine (LIFE) is a new nuclear energy system being.

One class of nuclear weapon is the hydrogen bomb, which uses a fission reaction to "trigger" a fusion reaction. Energy production: Fission is used in nuclear power plants. Fusion is an experimental technology for producing power.

Fuel: Uranium is the primary fuel used in power plants. Provide students with the Fission vs. Fusion Research Guide Sheet BLM and the Fission vs.

Examples List on Nuclear Fission

Fusion Student Web Links BLM. These two pages can help the students to focus their research about the processes of nuclear fission and fusion and their technological advantages and disadvantages. Introduction ¢ Nuclear reactions deal with interactions between the nuclei of atoms The focus of this presentation are the processes of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion Both fission and fusion processes deal with matter and energy ¢ ¢.

SWBAT Compare and contrast nuclear processes (fission, fusion and radioactive decay) in terms of particle and energy emissions and changes in mass and identity of daughter isotopes. Big Idea Students are introduced to the process of fission by using one of PhET's funniest simulations.

An introduction to the analysis of fission or fusion and nuclear energy
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